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Anyone and everyone who loved Daniel is welcome and encouraged to share this site. Anything you wish to leave or anything you wish to take is a gift between you and Danny.
It comforts me, as his mother, to read your words of love to him. Thank you all for allowing me to share in this gift. Sue

The photo's in the photo album have been updated!! Let me know what you all think.

Your listening to one of Danny's favorite songs, "The Regulator", by Clutch.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Daniel Groves who was born in Columbus, Kansas on September 29, 1976, and passed away on August 18, 2005, at the young age of 28. We will remember him forever and a day. 

This is a small and intimate web site for those that know Danny and his family. This site is for anyone who wants to write him or one of us a message. You can write anything, and because you love Danny and you love "us", Danny's family, your message will be welcomed. We are a family, and we welcome ALL.

Danny, was a Man who loved his friends and family, was fiercely loyal, and wasn't afraid to stand up and fight for what he believed was right. Danny was a lot of things, to a lot of different people. As a Son, well, there just isn't anything I would of changed. I admired his strength, his shear physical size and strength was Grand. I am proud that he was physically imposing. Whenever I, and many family members too, needed a strong back, well we looked to Danny. There just wasn't anything he couldn't do. I know one time his dad told me, you know when Danny's been drinking, he gets a little hard to handle, and to tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid of him sometimes. And I remember my Sister and I talking about how Danny used to keep Dusty up late on work nights and when Dusty complained, Danny would tell Dusty, you can sleep when I'm gone. Danny was truly an Amazing Man, a real One of a Kind. It was a privilege to be the Mother of this very unique and wonderful Man, My Son, Danny! I love you Man! (Danny I have your T-shirt that says "I love you Man", and I wear it often. Your wearing it in one of the pictures!) MORE LATER........................


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Tributes and Condolences
4 years   / Sue Cabello (Mom)
Last night we sat together and in honor of your memory we ate your favorite foods together seated around the table like a family. We lingered for several hours and visited. I loved listening to your friends tell me about thier lives show me pictures ...  Continue >>
4 years   / Dusty Groves (Cuzzin)
Well it's been 4 years...damn.  The OKC crew will be here today.  For them to make the journey to KS every year on this day is just one example of your greatness and the impact you left on others.  You are sorely missed and will never ...  Continue >>
Christmas Eve visit   / Sue CabelloMom
I had a very vivid dream with you last night Danny. Christmas Eve night and you came and spoke with me. And Lacie was there too. Your presence was the one vivid thing. The fact that you spoke to me and the way you looked are very clear. The conversat...  Continue >>
Long time...   / Catherine Henderson (Co-worker)
I want you to know that I worked with your son.  He was a great man.  Always making people laugh, working hard and being himself.  I quit working there shortly before the incident happened but I am glad to have had the chance to get to...  Continue >>
Sorry. I will be...   / Sue Cabello (Danny's Mom )
I went and I walked for nearly an hour. I know now that my “Regrets” are just that. Mine. I do you a disservice when I think of your life as sad and unhappy. Yes, most likely there were those times. Because, everything in life is not swee...  Continue >>
regrets / Sue Cabello (Mom)    Read >>
Winking / Sue Cabello (Mother)    Read >>
hmm.. / Lacie Collins (Sister)    Read >>
OUR VETERAN  / Judy Kachanes (best friend )    Read >>
Uncle soon, very soon.  / Judy K. (Danny, Lacie, and Sue's best friend. )    Read >>
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY  / Debbie Wengert Kevin's Mom     Read >>
Memorial Day  / Aunt Mickey     Read >>
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY DANIEL  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's mom )    Read >>
Danny and Mom  / Judy K. (Special)    Read >>
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His legacy
CRESTLINE, Kan., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office (KSFMO), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office (CKSO) today announced preliminary results into the ongoing investigation of the fatal explosion and fire at the Fireworks Spectacular storage facility in Crestline.

The investigation indicates that six employees were in the process of loading aerial display fireworks from a storage magazine into a portable trailer for transportation to St. Louis, Mo. for several planned fireworks displays. The shells were "pre-squibed" and loaded into boxes. "Pre-squibed" means that the initiator (electric match) is attached to the fuse of the shell. This is a common practice in the fireworks industry so that the process can be done in a controlled and safer environment instead of at the scene of the display.

According to witness accounts, during the process of loading the boxes, one of the boxes made a sound and then exploded. The explosion of that box caused the other fireworks to ignite, causing the detonation of most of the remaining shells and the subsequent fire in both of the trailers. The exact cause of detonation of the first box is the focus of the ongoing investigation.

Autopsies were scheduled in Topeka, Kan., for the victims, Faron Trey Robinson, 29, and Daniel Lee Groves, 29, both of Scammon, Kan. Both Cody Soper, 21, and Craig Banke, 32, still remain at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Mo. Ryan Holding, 24, was released from the hospital late yesterday evening and Michael Lee Dalton Jr., 34, is recovering at home from minor injuries.

"This tragedy comes to us after an uneventful Fourth of July, when our communities are most familiar with the spectacular firework displays symbolizing the birth of our country. Our sympathy goes out to families of those involved in the incident," said Rose Rozmiarek, Chief of Investigations, Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office.

Paul Marquardt, spokesman for ATF's Kansas City Field Division, said, "ATF is assisting the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office and the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office in the investigation of this tragic accident. We want to reassure the community that the remaining explosives at the site currently pose no danger to their homes or roadways in the area."

"Our county is a small county made up of small communities. Everyone knew these young men and therefore we are all sympathetic to our friends and neighbors who have experienced a tragic loss. I am extremely grateful to all the agencies who have professionally helped us try and find out what happened," Sheriff Norman stated.

Contacts: KSFMO: Rose Rozmiarek, Chief of Investigations, 785-296-3401
ATF: Paul Marquardt, Public Information Officer, 816-719-4524
CKSO: Sheriff Steve Norman, 620-429-3992
SOURCE Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives; Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office

CONTACT: Rose Rozmiarek, Chief of Investigations of KSFMO, +1-785-296-3401; or Paul Marquardt, Public Information Officer of ATF, +1-816-719

Tragic Explosion

Thursday, August 18, 2005

An explosion at a Southeast Kansas fireworks storage site kills two workers and injures several others. The explosion happened about ten this morning rocked homes in the Crestline area of Cherokee County.
The large facility is owned by jakes fireworks of Pittsburg.

I spoke with Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Norman earlier this afternoon, and he says at this point they are trying to reconstruct the moments just before the explosion in hopes of determining a cause. Residents as far away as Galena say they heard a loud explosion and saw a cloud of smoke rising from the direction of the fireworks spectacular fire works plant.

The explosion happened just before 10 o`clock this morning. When authorities say workers at the plant were transporting materials to a storage facility. Earlier we reported the death of a thrid person after receiving that information from a Kansas Highway patrollman. That information is, in fact, in coreect, there are only two deaths attributed to the incident. The explosion claimed the lives of 27-year-old Ferrin Robinson and 28-year-old Danny Groves, both of Scammon. Three others were also, injured in the blast. Two are still in serious condition. And the other had second degree burns. Local fire officials say this is an ironic situation, given the company`s previous track record of safety.

The ATF and KBI are assisting the Cherokee County Sheriff`s Department in the investigation. Both Chief Hall and Sheriff Norman say they believe this was a tragic accident.

Reported By: Jeremiah Cook

Deadly Explosion

Monday, August 22, 2005

A third person is dead following injuries received in a fireworks warehouse explosion.
Cody Soper died late Saturday from injuries he received during Thursday`s explosion at fireworks spectacular in Crestline, Kansas. Authorities say Soper was 21 years old. 29-year-old Faron Robinson and 29-year-old Daniel Groves, both of Scammon, were also killed in the blast. Three other men were also injured in the explosion. Officials say one of the men has been upgraded from critical to fair condition. Authorities say six employees of Fireworks Spectacular were loading aerial display fireworks for transportation when the accident happened. The fireworks were destined for St. Louis. Witnesses say one of the boxes made a sound and then exploded, causing other fireworks to detonate. Authorities have not yet determined the exact cause of the explosion. The investigation is still ongoing.

Written By: Tiffany Alaniz




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